Use exchange/outlook as a notification function, Is this possible?

We have activities throughout the year and some are repeated activities every year.  I need a way for the marketing dept. members to be able to create notifications for the whole team through outlook.  

I came up with an idea that this can be done through outlook's appointment and/or meeting function.   I figure that a generic email can be created,lets say  This account can be shared out to all members of the marketing dept to allow them to create appointments or meetings on mkt-notification's behalf.  

I do NOT want to them to use their personal email account to because people can quit.  IT will end up deactivating the account loosing the notifications.  

Is this do able in outlook?  Is there a better way?  Thanks
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Create a shared mailbox in Exchange (you didn't specify which version) and then you can use this to book the meetings.  You can give anyone access to it in Outlook and they can create meetings and invite the relevant people.

I just tested it in Exchange 2010 and it works like a charm. (is easier in 2007 and 2010 than in 2003, but is still possible in 2003).

Here are instructions for Exchange 2010 for instance:-
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

Yes, this should work.

jkit001Author Commented:
Excellent Thanks.
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