DPM 2010 installing on host hyper-v machine, but host isn't part of the domain...

My network is in production, but my backups are lacking and making me nervous.

I have SCDPM 2010 disc sitting on my desk now for a month or so, I figure its time to set it up.

I start researching, and from what I've read you can't install DPM on a machine that's not part of the domain.

My network configuration is this:
Host: Server 2008 R2, Hyper-v Role (workgroup) (not joined to the domain)
Virtual Machine: Hyper-v Server 1: Sbs 2008
Virtual Machine: Hyper-v Server 2: Server 2008 R2, SQL 2008

The Host Server is NOT part of the domain.  I was planning on installing DPM to the host machine, but i was told before the setup to keep the host machine off the domain, so I never joined it.  (I don't really know the reasoning for this, but it sounded logical at the time, and still to keep it off the domain, since the computer is ONLY used for virtualization.

Will I be able to install DPM on the host machine that's part of it's own workgroup, not a member of the domain, and will I be able to use the SQL 2008 server with DPM?

How should I go about installing DPM in this scenario?

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Well, the reason for not putting your HYPER-V host onto the domain is quite simple.  During start up, it will look for your domain controller which is a virtual machine on your HYPER-V host and if the VM isn't running, the HYPER-V host will throw an error when looking for the domain - chicken and egg situation :).

As for the installation of DPM.  It integrates heavily with the domain, hence the reason for it to be installed on a domain member.  You can get around this in one of three ways: -

1. Install it onto a machine that is a domain member
2. Configure a stand alone domain controller on a physical machine which will allow you to add your HYPER-V server to the domain (it will be able to find a DC during boot up).  This does not need to be a fancy machine - anything that will run Windows really (within reason obviously).
3. Make your HYPER-V server a domain controller

Of the three, option two would make the most sense for lots of reasons - mainly around the fact that only having one domain controller on a virtual machine is a risk (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888794).

AmericareAuthor Commented:
I have two virtual machines, the sbs2008 box, and the server 2008 box that i run sql 2008 on.

both are domain controllers.

I promoted the server 2008 box as a 2nd domain controller in the initial setup...

I really don't want to have to go the route of getting a second physical box.  I don't have the hardware for it, and i don't think there's much budget to purchase one.

I thought about setting up a 3rd virtual server and installing it on there, but that would only back up the virtual machines, so if the host had any issues I'm still up a creek with out a paddle.

This solution is starting to look less and less appealing.

Any suggestions on a backup solution?

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AmericareAuthor Commented:
That's an interesting article.  I have zero experience with DPM, I'm not sure that i'd also be able to backup the virtual guest machines as well.
rather than having an external box as a domain controller, I would have an external box as a DPM server on the domain and use it for backing up your hyper-v VMs

if you run your backup on the same hardware as your VMs, you still risk losing everything if your disk volumes fail..

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AmericareAuthor Commented:
Ended up getting a 2nd server box for DMP2010, as well as other VMs.

Will install DPM on a server on the 2nd hardware box.
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