Mesage Size Limit - Transport Rules

The TechNet article describing the Maximum Message Size Limit under Transport rules has this to say as a definition for Message size limits:

Message size limits   These limits apply to the total size of a message, which includes the message header, the message body, and any attachments....

we are trying to figure out if the maximum size applies to the email in spite of the number of recipients.

For example,
My Maximum Size Limit is 15360
 I am sending out an email with a 10MB attachment,
         If I send to one recipient, the email will be sent no problem, as it is under the size limit
         If I send the same email to 5 recipients, will this email appear to be above the limit at 50 MB   5 recipients x  10MB attachment) and be blocked?

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The Exchange 2010 treat this message as 10 mb of size per each recipient ,If you send the same email to 5 recipients with 10MB of will not consider this mail with 50MB of attachment.

But the onlu problem in Exchange 2010 is database size will increase because  by the lack of SIS(single instance storage).

For example ,sending a large (30 MB+) attachment to 20 users.  Even if there were only 5 recipients out of the 20 on the same database, in Exchange 2003 that meant the 30MB attachment was stored once instead of 5 times on that database. In Exchange 2010, that attachment is stored 5 times (150 MB for that database) and isn't compressed. But depending on your storage architecture, the capacity to handle this should be there. Also, your email retention requirements will help here, by forcing the removal of the data after a certain period of time.
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