Add calendars to MS Outlook

How can I make a seperate calendar for a project?
If I put all my appointments, meetings, etc into one calendar there is no way to look at just one project or type of appointments?
Can I create multiple calendars for projects and etc. such as a calendar for time off that includes vacation, doctor and dentist appts etc?
Will the reminders and appointments still show up in my inbox the same way with multiple calendars?
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BusyMamaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can make a separate calendar by going to the Calendar View, then clicking Open Calendar, then Create New Blank Calendar.

Reminders for your appointments will appear, but I don't believe that you will see the additional appointments on the calendar in the inbox.
David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, Dragon0x40.

@BusyMama is correct.  You won't see the appointments on your main calendar.  You'll have to switch to each calendar or open as many of them as you can side-by-side.  As an alternative to multiple calendars you could put everything on one calendar and use categories to color code them.  That way you'd have a single calendar that showed everything.
Dragon0x40Author Commented:
I think that I will use both ideas.

The category color code for almost everything and then if I have a project that has mutiple deadlines, meetings, etc. then I will make an additional calendar so I can quickly take a look at upcoming or past events.
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