Connecting 6 switches

I have inherited a live system with  6 Cisco 2950 Catalyst 10/100 Switches that are currently connected with Cross over cables (see below)
They are "left-overs" from a prior high-end vendor and until I replace them ( next year) there is no possibility of gaining internal access to them.  


SW1 to SW2
SW2 to SWS4
SW2 to SW5
SW3 to SW4
SW5 to SW2

Could there we some internal programing that I would screw up by making and HUB to SPOKE changes ?
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John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
Are you saying you can't make any changes on the switches?  Whether you "screw up" anything by connecting the switches differently depends on how they are configured today.  If everything is in one VLAN, then, no you won't screw up anything.  If there are different VLANs involved and the existing links between the switches are trunks, then yes, you would.
azpeteAuthor Commented:
Great point, since the last vendor simply left the switches behind we did not get the admin user password or any documentation.  If there was a way to reset everything back to factory defaults and build a vlan and trunks up quickly I might do that but I doubt we would be able to buy the licenses or support from Cisco. Alternatively buying new 48 port GB switches would probably be a lot better in the long run.
Password recovery

Takes about 5 min for each switch.
Now you will be able to configure your switches with the needed vlans/trunks.
The ports that interconnect the switches may be trunked and may have port security on them.  If so, you may not be able to simply move the cables around.  It is possible to reset the password without erasing the config, that's your best course of action.
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