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At my day job our IT is outsourced and very difficult to get changes made to anything.

I want to replicate my work pc outlook at home. It is outlook 2007. What info do I need to do this and to keep them in sync. Are there changes that need to be made on the server or just clients?

I do not have admin rights on this domain.

Can this be done?
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you could try setting up your exchange account using rpc over http, you would need to get all that info from the IT team though. You can also try setting up an imap account, this would sync your data, but not contacts.  You would also need to get the mail server names for this as well, and find out if the server is configured for imap.
assuming this is exchange?
Swapnil NirmalManager, Audit AnalyticsCommented:
Try some backup/sync softs (which is portable)

This will not take you to outlook in your pc but a similar look if you have mails in your PST.
But if the mails are on the server just configure outlook in your home PC and thats done

ATL74Author Commented:
Can I find the mail server settings in my outlook client?

Where would they be?
depends, you can go into account settings and view all the settings for your account through tools --> accounts
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