Create list from SqlDataReader

Hello experts,

How can I create a list from an ADO query that will show in a response.write format?
In my example below I don't get any text just a string like below:
Basically all I'm trying to do is to return all records in the list table and write contents as a list.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dim emListSelect As String
            emListSelect = "SELECT, list.type,, list.product, list.qty, list.price, list.fk_Cat, list.listDTE, "
            emListSelect &= "ProdStore.store_name FROM list INNER JOIN ProdStore ON = ProdStore.store_id "
            emListSelect &= "ORDER BY list.listDTE DESC"
            Dim emListConnString As String = WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("ShopConnection").ConnectionString
            Dim emListConn As New SqlConnection(emListConnString)
            Dim emListCommand As New SqlCommand(emListSelect, emListConn)

            Dim readerList As SqlDataReader
            Dim returnData As List(Of String) = New List(Of String)
            readerList = emListCommand.ExecuteReader()
            While readerList.Read()
            End While

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Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerCommented:

You can create an IList<String> and insert your data into that.

ie. look at this:

Then the IList can be used in a for-each statement and done with what you want.
You can even do a join and output as a comma-delineated list.

PhosphorAuthor Commented:
Thanks anyway arcee123, I figured out what I needed to do:

Created a bulleted list named bl and used that as a control to facilitate
a RenderControl to a string.

Dim bl1 As New BulletedList
            Dim readerList As SqlDataReader
            readerList = emListCommand.ExecuteReader()
            Do While readerList.Read()
                Dim newItem As New ListItem()
                newItem.Text = readerList("product")
                newItem.Value = readerList("product").ToString()
            Dim SB As New StringBuilder()
            Dim SW As New StringWriter(SB)
            Dim htmlTW As New HtmlTextWriter(SW)
            Dim htmlList As String = SB.ToString()

I tried it several ways but this was drop-dead easy.
I didn't mention that the end use was to email the list on an inserted function.

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PhosphorAuthor Commented:
arcee 123's reply was pointing to a block of java code.
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