Outlook 2010 Shared Calendar

I have a client who has a two node business network in their home office.  Both the principal and her assistant are using Outlook 2010.  The principal wanted to share her primary calendar with the assistant, so both have been set up on Office.com with appropriate Windows Live IDs logged on, and the principal's primary calendar is now shared.  In other words, once it was published, the assistant was able to see the already-scheduled appts on the principal's primary calender, which showed up as a new item in the calendar's section of Outlook. No Exchange server is involved here.

So far, so good.  But...

The assistant can't schedule appointments on the shared calendar.  That button is greyed out.  She can only create 'meetings' that have to be sent via email for the principal to accept.  Those 'meetings' then show up on the prinicipal's local calendar but NOT on the shared copy that the assistant sees.  In addition, those accepted meetings ONLY show up on the assistant's LOCAL calendar once the principal accepts the 'meeting'.  

So, what we have now is that the original month's worth of appointments already on the calendar, when published via Office.com, are now showing on the shared calendar, but NO NEW ONES SHOW ON THE SHARED CALENDAR.  This is the case even after doing a send/receive on both PCs.

I can't find any reason why the principal's local calendar shows new appts, but why those new appts do not show on the shared copy of the calendar.  In addition, I can't figure out why meeting requests, scheduled by the assistant, ONLY show on her local calendar and not the shared one either.  It's as if the publication of the shared calendar was a one-time thing and no new entries will show on it afterward.

There must be something I'm doing wrong, but I'm baffled.  There doesn't appear to be any place to adjust settings to properly share the calendar or new appts.  

Does 'true' real-time calendar sharing in OL 2010 only work if there's an Exchange server involved?
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Actaully Really Simple Here

Without an Excahnge Server you cannot share a calendar.

When Using Office.com or even a WebDav Server
Both these options are Publishing ONLY

As they are Published Calendars, Not "Shared" Calendars you are not going to have the same functionality as one might see in an Outlook/Exchange Shared Calendar 

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Now if POP Accounts are being used (Windows Live Hotmail Accounts)
If the Online Account or Email Providor Supports Sharing

Any Sharing, if it could be setup, would have to be done through the Online Login of the Account

ie http://explore.live.com/windows-live-calendar-share-calendars-using
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