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Filtering / Control for Browsing

I'd like to be able to point some computers' dns server designation to a dns server that only allows/translates the hostnames of my choosing.  These computers are only to be able to access a very limited amount of domain names.  My question, specifically, is: Is there a service that functions similarly to how ScrubIT.com's service but that gives me access to the allowable hostnames?  I considered leaving the DNS entries blank and modifying the hosts file but one of the sites does not just have a single IP address to resolve to.

Also, and maybe as an alternative, can you give me recommendations to some client-side applications that would accomplish what I'm needing?  I looked into GFI's web monitor but it is basically a web-proxy server that I would have to maintain on my own site.

(I'm surprised I can't find a zone for 'filtering' or 'web filter' to be assigned to!)
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Look like you just need your own DNS server.
You can configure it to resolve your own records


or depending your OS a WINS server :

if you've a windows server on your network you can install, activate or configure this services
chadwillbeAuthor Commented:
Looks like OpenDNS.com is going to work for me.
chadwillbeAuthor Commented:
OpenDNS.com will work good enough.

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