Configure Cisco IPSec VPN on PIX 515 that's in Transparent mode?

Is this even possible? The PIX doesn't have an address assigned to a specific interface and only shows :

ip address XXX.DD.CC.RRR as the address and then controls all of the access mapping with ACLs and no NAT whatsoever.

If it's possible, what are the steps?
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John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
Not supported.  See

"Unsupported Features

These features are not supported in transparent mode:


VPN termination for through traffic

The transparent firewall supports site-to-site VPN tunnels for management connections only. It does not terminate VPN connections for traffic through the security appliance. You can pass VPN traffic through the security appliance with an extended access list, but it does not terminate non-management connections."
BigDeerAuthor Commented:
Many thanks...that's all I needed.
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