Tool to automate service account password change across all services on all servers

Our engineers have asked us to find a tool for them to change the service account password on all dependent services.  They do not have a record of which services are dependent upon that account, and given the number of services running, would like to automate this task without having to look at each one on each server.  Is there a tool out there that will either report which services are running under a particular account, or which will actually change the password for that query result?  All of our servers are Windows Server 2003, and we are running Exchange 2003, MS SQL 2005 and various other enterprise apps.
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NCHCITAuthor Commented:
We'll check it out and post back if it works for us.  Thanks!

Novell makes a great product,but as the saying goes,they couldn't sell ice cream in the desert.
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