vbscript: how can I use the process id to get a windows handle

I can capture all the process ids for a client under test, but I currently at a loss on how to convert those ids into window handles.

Process Id Code
Function ProcessId
   'capture the hwnd  from all windows with a certain caption
set objService = getobject("winmgmts:")
		For each Process in objService.InstancesOf("Win32_process")   
			If  Process.Name = "FronTIER.exe" Then
						ret = msgbox(Process.processid, vbOkCancel)
If ret = vbCancel Then
							ExitTest micWarning
						End If
			End If

End Function

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From command prompt:

>tasklist | findstr <PID>
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:

ret = msgbox(Process.processid, vbOkCancel)


ret = msgbox("ProcessID:" & Process.processid & "; Handle:" " & Process.handle, vbOkCancel)

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ART_Mac03Author Commented:
let me try this. I do not know I could not think of this simple solution.

I need to my code simple due to my users; your solution can be what they would like.
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ART_Mac03Author Commented:
typo: I do not know why I did not think of this solution.
ART_Mac03Author Commented:
The solution was helpful especially since the info. displayed to my user community was direct and non-complex.
I eventually found a different way to solve my org. problem with using Process IDs to determine Window handles. I am using the test tool QTP to capture the windows object data based on the Swfname of the application or the object name of a feature in the app.  I pass the object name based on the process ID/name of the process.
ART_Mac03Author Commented:
thanks for both solutions.
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