does access 2010 offer web based front end capability utilizing sharepoint services 3.0

Is it possible to built a web front end for an Access 2010 DB backend using sharepoint 3.0?

I am looking into doing this because i am pretty familiar with access 2003 which didnt have this capability but now as i understand this is possible with Access 2010 utilizing sharepoint services 3.0.

Can you please provide me the software versions (ie:sharepoint, Visual Studio, .NET, ect) you have used and what your experience has been.

I also would like to know if this is something you would use visual studio to develope or is it all possible to develope this using only sharepoint - in other words how does it work?

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Just a note that there a lot of abandoned posts here from people who went "whole hog" with SharePoint, only to run into issues that MS has not resolved yet.

So you need to be very clear on your exact requirements and expectations for this system...
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
Access 2010 can build databases that use SharePoint lists.   Design planning is critical in the success of the system.
Sharepoint 2010 would be preferred to SharePoint Services 3.0.
Sample Access databses are available in the templates.   Some new fields in the 2010 make this more manageable - especiall Calculated fields to enable a table to have calculated fields stored in SharePoint.
The lists are SharePoint Lists and not an Access Database - so you can use Access, Excel, Visual Studio, SharePoint designer in manipulating the data.   Enjoy the exploration.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
see the sample from this link

and a lot more sample on that page
Free Tool: Port Scanner

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pilacikeAuthor Commented:
Dear all,

Unfortunately I have always been a reactive developer for the companies I have worked for - theres a need for DB driven business solutions and I learn and do whatever it takes to provide them. This has not afforded me the opportunity to be part of a standard developement life cycle! This is why I ask stupid questions like this one using great tools like EE.

With the little experience i have had with and SQL server I get the feeling my energy would be better spent developing in that for this new project which is this:

My client is a IT team who wants to keep a DB of their clients current Name, address, Tel, and their networks hardware and software configurations and machine passwords, ect, so when a problem arrisses they can simply refer to their DB for info and not have to log into things to find answers to what machines they are logging into.

It has one small report requirement: They need the ability to print a fact sheet of all the fields in the DB for any one client.

They would also need the ability to create proposals by using fields in the DB and using document versioning to track them. This is kind of why I was looking at sharepoint. Does sharepoint have any prebuilt templates that would allow this functionality that i am looking for?
pilacikeAuthor Commented:
The other capability they want is to be able to have it mobile accessible. So they can update the DB when they are using their smart phones at a client.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Also not that, as soon as you say "Web based", and have the need for multiple users to access the data, you may not want to use an Access back end in the first place.

1. MS Access is a "Desktop" Database system.
It was never designed to be the basis for today's powerful "web access" applications.

2. Access is "Theoretically" limited to 255 concurrent users, but in realty about 20 (depending on many factors) is about all you can get.

3. Access (in and of itself) does not support any "Real" security.
It does if you keep the db in the 2003 format, but that is probably not what you want.
Even then, the security was not very "secure" and (IMHO) extremely convoluted to implement.

4. An Access DB is limited to 2gb in size (although you can link tables, this will affect the network performance)

As an Access Expert, I can't comment on how Sharepoint works around any of these limitations

Obviously there are lots of systems out there that allow "Web Access" and don't use Sharepoint.
So you may want to investigate some of these options as well.


pilacikeAuthor Commented:
Hi Jeff,

I knew your username looked familiar - You have been kind enough to help me with many many of my previous Access endeavers while I was working for another company under a different username and I greatly thank you and appreciate your insight!

I also rememebr capricorn1 who has also greatly helped me prviously - thanks so much!

I do beleive i will look alsewhere for my solution. Thanks Again!
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<I do beleive i will look alsewhere for my solution. Thanks Again!>

...meaning you found nothing of value in any of our posts...?
pilacikeAuthor Commented:
No meaning I have taking all your posts into consideration and I am now awarding points!
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:


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