How to change the address bar, history, favorites, on IE 9.0?

In the photo, I want to remove, or hide the favorites list.
I want to remove, or hide the history.
I want the top part, that currently has Yahoo and 4 others, to be expanded to show many more.

Vista Home Basic, IE 9.0
LVL 25
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Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:
Tools, Internet Options - Content Tab - AutoComplete...check Address Bar but uncheck all four(4) options under it. When you do this, your address bar drop-down list will display the last 25 websites you typed in.
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:
To make the URL bar smaller and increase the number of visible tabs:
View, Toolbars, Uncheck "Lock the toolbars"
Move your mouse cursor to the right edge of the URL box and drag it to the left to make it smaller.

To change the history, go to Tools, Internet Options, select the General tab and under Browsing History, click the Settings button. at the bottom, in the History section, change this to 0.

To hide the Favorites bar, View, Toolbars, Uncheck the Favorites selection, if checked.

If you want more specific curtailment of IE 9, I recommend looking at this bit of free software:
nickg5Author Commented:
The main thing I want is more than the 5 most recently visited sites.

If I can expand that to 15-20, then the rest would hide itself at the bottom.
The window can only hold so much. I already have a favorites icon top right.
nickg5Author Commented:
nickg5Author Commented:
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