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This question is unrelated to my wrapper question.  I have done nothing to implement any of those changes.  However, the word wrapper with an arrow is show beside the title of this page http://www.frugalmule.com/fix-congress/ .  I'm not logged in.  Is there any way to get that to go away?

If so, how?
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
That's being set in your theme's single.php file.  WordPress includes functionality for automatic internal linking which is good for SEO.  Are you sure you want to disable it?
rtod2Author Commented:
I don't know.  If it "needs" to be there, then I guess it's OK but my thinking is that it doesn't need to be a 'visible' element on the page ?

What am I missing?  If it distracts the user from looking at what I want them to look at, then wouldn't I want to make it not do that?
rtod2Author Commented:
no further explanation but thank you
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