how to change user config in XP Pro

When I set up the computer,  I mistyped the user name initially. Now when I have imported some database it is looking for the correct path but can't find it because the folder name in my documents is misnamed. It won't let me rename the "My documents" folder.
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What EXACTLY is it looking for?

If you renamed the old account, it should rebuild based on the UserID. If you just changed the Display Name, then you need to create a new account...


net user

Is it spelled properly?

If not, run the following....

(change the following to match your details of course....)

net user John P@ssw0rd /add
net localgroup Administrators John /add

Then login as the new user.....

Then you should be fine, just migrate the settings email etc....
Chris MillardCommented:
The best thing would be to create a new user with the correct name, then delete the original user.
atf3docAuthor Commented:
Tried that... doesn't work
I remember doing sysprep one time, but I can't remeber how to do it.
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>>  Tried that... doesn't work  <<   did you do it from an admin account?
atf3docAuthor Commented:
Yes, If I look at the "My Documents"  folder, the name is spelled correctly; however, if I go through the path C:\Documents and Settings\ I have the new user and the original mispelled user. iF i GO TO USER ACCOUNTS, THE USER IS SPELLED CORRECTLY. (caps was not intentional) The mispelling is the same as "registered to" in system properties. That's why I wanted to do a sysprep without having to do a complete repair install. It resets everything and have to reenter the license key.
atf3docAuthor Commented:
I did the net user XXX /add. Did a Windows file transfer..deleted the old user..restarted and then transferred the settings to the new the path is correct for the database to find.If I go to C:\Documnets and settings\, the users displayed still include the mispelled user. But I'm not going to worry about that now.
Thanks for the help!
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