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need help in configuring oracle db to use bfile modus

Hi experts, I need helping with to configure an oracle 10G database to use bfiles.
The application which uses this db is using blob now and the company which made this application wrote a convert script to put all the blob files on disk.
I have to configure  the db to use bfiles instead of blob. I know I have to create physical directories on disk where the files will be exported to.
I read that I have to create logical directories as sys and grant permission to those directories to the application user.
I want to know if I have it right.
I created /u2/alm/finance and /u2/alm/photo and also a few more...
I will have to do the following as sys.
sqlplus>create directory alm_data as '/u2/alm/photo';
then I will have to grant permission to the user of the directory.
sqlplus>grant read,write on directory data to alm_admin;
now comes the point that I don't understand. a table has to be created to store pointer for large objects. I asume that this is also a sys table, what is the info that has to be stored there and how is this info used by the package. I see that through the aplication update views are being created which has the descriptions of the bfiles and also an id. a few procedures are being created also by the application, one to turn on named directory, and to turn on directory on id. But the connection between all these is not clear to me. I would like for someone who has done this bfile thing before to give me a brief explantion, like to a 2 year old, so that I can see the link between all the compnents that has to exist so that the bfile modus can be successfull.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Don't know about a 'sys' table.  Any regular table should work.

Have you been through the docs on this?

Check out the link below.  It has an insert example.

sharschoAuthor Commented:
Did not help much but I found the solution myself...
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