VIA VT6421A On PE2600

Hi i am trying to install server 08 x64 on a Poweredge 2600. The box only came with a cdrom/floppy drive hooked up. I did find a dvd-rom drive inside also but it was not hooked up. I went to the store today and bought a PCI to SATA/IDE Controller (VIA VT6421A). The only slot i can get it into is the small white pci_1 33mhz on bottom (tower server). It will not fit in the big green slots. After doing some research i don't think this box will boot from usb. Is there a setting i don't have turned on in the bois? In the boot sequence all i see is the dell cdrom drive. When i go into PCI IRQ Assignment I have 3 things using IRQ 11 Embedded Intel Corp USB Adapter, Embedded Dell Computer Corp RAID Adapter, Slot 1: (unknown manf) RAID Adapter. Could it be that there are some IRQ Conflits or is the Slot one thats the unknown manf is the same as the onboard dell one? Link to card 
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pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think that PE will let you boot with that controller or any other non SCSI one.
Also ,the USB on that system is only 1.1.
Dreadfully slow.
Your best bet is to just get a DVD drive and replace the one that came with it.
About $25 bucks these days.
Been there ,done that.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Your smartest move would be to connect an IDE hard disk drive (80GB would be great) to the IDE channel so you can install 08 to it, add the drivers for the VIA card, and then use the drives connected for data storage.  That way, you'd be able to fix 08 if anything happens.
If you don't mind having it go poof if anything happens, you need to download this ( ), create the floppy diskette, and use the F6 option to install the drivers during setup.
bank2600Author Commented:
I got DVD-rom off eBay lastnight. Going to keep that other raid card. Would be good for fast backups of server and other images. On 10/100 with usb1.1! Thanks all
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