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Any Flash and IE user do some test for me?

On Hotmail, Yahoo, and other sites, there are display ads. On Hotmail and Yahoo Finance, for example, they are on the right side of the webpage. The ones on Hotmail are rectangular and maybe 5 inches top to bottom. The ones on Yahoo are more square, and around the middle of the page on the right.

If you have IE 9.0 and Adobe Flash, go to Yahoo dot com.
Click on finance and then enter a stock symbol, such as IBM.
Once you get to the quote screen, change the symbol a couple times to AAPL, or GOOG.
Or on the left side, click on headlines, or charts, etc.
Or just reload the page at the top.
When you go from the finance page to a stock quote, and move around, the display ads on the right will change.

Same way on Hotmail. If I click on the inbox, or the deleted box, or the sent box, the ads on the right side change.

Let me know what is happening when you move around on Yahoo Finance, as far as these ads.

I do not know what you are getting, but starting last week, these ads, that are on the right side of the pages (on Hotmail, Yahoo, and other sites) are showing themselves, for an instant, on the left side of the page. Once they flicker-flash-blink-show themselves, for this 1/2 of 1 second, they are seen on the right side of the page, like normal.

I asked a question about it already and got no fix.
The fix found by me, was to remove Adobe products from my system.
Also I tried a new copy of IE 9.0.
Once I removed the Air, Flash, and Acrobat the "left side for an instant" ads, stopped, and the ads appeared on the right side of the web pages, like normal.

But, I needed Acrobat and downloaded a new copy.
Then I needed Flash, so I got a new copy, Flash 11.0.
Well the "left side of the page ads" are back again.

This does not happen on any of these sites, using Firefox.

What is causing IE 9.0, and Adobe Flash, and most sites I frequent, to display the ads like this?
Someone said the fix was to stop using the internet. (?)
Removing Flash was one fix.
So, what about IE and Flash is causing this?

There are not pop-ups, as I know pop-ups. Pop-ups to me, open in a new window. These ads appear to have a destination on the right side of the page, but get displayed for a split second, on the left side.

Other terms, used in the other thread were, "imbedded" and static."

If you have Adobe Flash and IE, I would appreciate you going to Yahoo Finance and move around a few times, and see if the ads are normally displayed for you.

If you have Hotmail too, even better. Just click inbox, then sent box, etc. The ads will change, of course, with each action, but on my system, and only starting last week, the ads flash on the left, before landing on the right side, where they are, if I do the same actions, on the same web pages, using Firefox.

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2 Solutions
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
>>> I do not know what you are getting, but starting last week, these ads, that are on the right side of the pages (on Hotmail, Yahoo, and other sites) are showing themselves, for an instant, on the left side of the page. Once they flicker-flash-blink-show themselves, for this 1/2 of 1 second, they are seen on the right side of the page, like normal.

I have IE9, Acrobat Standard V10 and Flash V11. I do not get any left side displays for an instant. They display normally like they should and like you describe on the right hand side. Everything on every new quote page lands where it is supposed.

The ad below the chart does not display for about 1/2 second (totally normal to me), but it does not display on the left side.

I probably cannot help you beyond this. ... Thinkpads_User
Morning nickg5, what I did notice is that as I change the keywords and get quote the actual web page changes in size. The background stayed on gery for a moment
That could be a glitch.
How big is your monitor? do you have the web page full screen or just enlarged.Small
Could  just be load. If  your page is small as the web page loads it may just seem to jump from left to right as it loads and expands to fit the monitor size..
 Besides the internet bandwidth web pages also uses your video card, if your video has a small lag on load coudl cause this.
Try testing Maxthon, I use both IE 9 for research  and Maxthon with experts exchange together. Maxthon is safer for the adware
Internet Explorer can use a lot of resources , especially all these adds running vidoe clips and stuff scattered all over the page.
Try emptying your internet  explorer cache, and check how much is allocated for temp IE files.
Could be that if your cache reaches capacity may cause problems with web pages loading.
Tools>internet Options>settings under browsing history
nickg5Author Commented:
...........it sounds like you are not experiencing the same thing.........
As far as full screen, top right the choices are minimize (-), close (x) or maximize.
I can adjust the last one and the icon is a small square.

It does not happen on IE without Adobe Flash installed.
It does not happen on Friefox with Adobe Flash installed.

It's rather annoying to see that on every web page. It is not just limited to Hotmail and Yahoo, but a few other sites. Hotmail is a separate program.
(Microsoft and Yahoo do have a search partnership that connects the dots between Hotmail and Yahoo)

On most of these ads, there is a small link labelled "ad choices." I opted out of over 150 sites like that (ad sources) and it helped, but then I could not properly log out of Hotmail and get to MSN dot com.
Maybe the two issues were just a coincidence, having began about the same time.

"Try emptying your internet explorer cache, and check how much is allocated for temp IE files."
.........here we go again. Is that start > control panel > internet options > temporary files? Or some hidden temporary files?

The disc space is set at 250MB.
It is set on automatic, to check for new versions of stored pages.

My monitor is 17 inches though the actual screen size is under 15.

You mention page loading and video cards, etc.
How are those eliminated as a source, since things are fine with Firefox?

What program, or what part of my computer is used to display the ads?
They are fine on all websites with IE as long as Adobe Flash is not installed on my computer. But, I watch sports videos and need Flash so there is no real alternative that I know of. I encountered many instances of being told I needed Adobe Flash or plug-ins until I got Flash back on my system.

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John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
>>> ...........it sounds like you are not experiencing the same thing.........

I did precisely and exactly what you asked us to do and did not experience any issues.

... Thinkpads_User
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Is your monitor widescreen or normal?  My Thinkpad T61p is normal and not widescreen. Does that account for any difference?  ... Thinkpads_User
nickg5Author Commented:
Then pending a couple more test, maybe someone with Hotmail, then Merete may be onto something as far as video card, monitor size, etc.

I'm not clear on "what" places the ads on the right side, and how that could be altered in some way (altered as to what the ad does before it gets to the right side). Ads are to be expected.
I could visit my top 10 favorite sites and there seem to be this problem on most of them.
EE is excluded, as is www dot city - data dot com, and Ebay.
But, then again they have no real ads.
nickg5Author Commented:
My monitor is a CRT type, Dell, 17 inch.

Months ago I noticed the sky blue-teal background around the address window on IE became black-gray. I thought I would never find out why. I asked Microsoft and they had no answer. Finally, I stumbled onto it. If the window in minimzed, the top background becomes black-gray. If it is maximized, it is the normal background color, even though the difference between max. and min. on my monitor, really are about the same.
I'd inscrease the cahe size to at least 700 megs but then include empty history on exit.
 here's a snapshot of mine, I have allocated over 1000 megs to take into account youtube videos
refs to
It does not happen on IE without Adobe Flash installed.
Even though you don't have this problem after removing flash that may also indicate it is a load problem, and not necessary the software flash.

nickg5Author Commented:
I'll check all that out. I have to go offline for the night. Thanks.
Update the drivers for the video card, doesnt always work to my own experience, usually it is how much ram is on the video card.
If the video card has only 250 megs onboard the load in visuals stuff shares the resources with the processor/s dual core if that is the case, the more ram is on the video card the less work on the processor and power supply.
Those three things work together.
And how does that apply to different web browsers you may think
Internet Explorer seems to use more resources than the other web browsers because of the adds.

John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Take a look at IE9 Advanced Options and try Software Rendering. See below. Requires an IE restart.

... Thinkpads_User
Just to add, with reference to a comment someone made to you in your other question> dont use the internet
I think they meant dont use internet explorer< and the last bit didnt post when he hit submit.
nickg5Author Commented:
I think he did mean, do not use the internet, I'll look for the exact quote.
Also, I am sure there are many, very, anti-IE users out there, who will try to blame it on IE. It may be a glitch, but so far, on a Microsoft support forum, no answer from Microsoft tech support.

I'll try the above ideas, etc. in the last 2-3-4 comments.

A couple comments.

If these display ads are fine on Firefox, but not IE, then why would my monitor or video card, etc. be the issue? Not saying they are not, just wondering.
The common denominator to the ads and their behavior, appears to be IE.
But, I'd think Microsoft and Adobe would have their products working well together. As companies they are not bitter enemies at all.

I went to another webite, hot coupon world.
Their display ads are on the left side.
Here too, they blinked-etc. and did it on the top left edge-side of the page. After that instant, the ad moved down the left side of the page, where all ads on that site are nomally located.
So, here was a case of a left side ad. Previous examples and testing and specific sites that I use daily, had right side ads.

So, this is another small clue.
The ads that are to be displayed on the right or the left, all blink on the top left half of my web page.

What about IE and Firefox makes the difference here.
Firefox seems to have no issues at all with advertisements.
nickg5Author Commented:
I went to Hotmail and moved around and the ads did the same thing.

I tried the window "maximizer-restore" button, top right corner, between the (-) and the (+).
No affect, ads still "flash me" on the left side.
Yes I concur many folks just state use a different browser instead of endeavouring to fix the problem.
Ok I shall attempt to answer your concerns.
My reference was that I feel internet explorer 9 uses more resources than mazthon of forefox.
If you look in your taskmanager, as I have two running one is maxthon for EE and internet explorer for sourcing.
And I notice often that IE uses more regardless, I did explain earlier my thoughts that if your video card had only 250 megs onboard the directdraw used would consume more ram probably casuing a load lag hense the flick from left to right.
Internet explorer runs two tabs consequtively in my taskmanager. If you stop one both stop.
As always with your good details it is a matter elimintaion.
nickg5 it could be things like your anti virus is running scans on the web page
I use avg and every web page has a green tick next to safe URL
MS dropped the activeX component years ago and now any add ons not recognised you need to ok the yellow bar at the top to allow active x to run in internet explorer
same with firefox.
Which version of java do you have, but lets use  this one for example same problem but with firefox
Yahoo ads flickering nonstop on the top left of the screen. it should be on the right side in ad feedback
and their response was
You are probably using IE9 and the ads are being rendered improperly, use Firefox with adblock plus.or admuncher with IE  http://answers.admuncher.com << this will block the adds
however doesnt solve the problem of why?
Check your java versions, flash versions etc.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I did suggest Software Rendering for IE9, but did not get an answer to that.

.... Thinkpads_User
nickg5Author Commented:
I will try software rendering.

I have Java 6 update 29.
I have Flash 11x32.

Firefox is not blocking the ads, but they are displayed properly, no blinking on the left side.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Java 7 is available and in production, so try Java 7 as well. .... Thinkpads_User
nickg5Author Commented:
I changed "disc space to use" from the recommended 250, to 700.
No benefits, unless re-booting is required.
No rebooting is not required.
Do you have AVG? and the link scanner enabled?
 is javascript is enabled?
I found this, wooha maybe the problem, sounds like it, good see the video card drivers is also referenced..
Images, videos and ad’s pop up on the left side of the browser in Internet Explorer 9
This issue has been seen after installing Flash Player 10.3 on a system that has Internet Explorer 9. This has been seen by Adobe and they are actively investigating the issue.
The current solutions are:
Update your current video driver
To visit Abode’s website for an update on the issue and see thier suggested resolution, click the following link:
Temporarily disable Hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer.
 To Update your video card driver, visit the following help sites:
 For Windows Vista Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly
For Windows 7 Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly

To temporarily disable Hardware acceloration see the following article:
 If you’d like to temporarily disable Hardware acceleration, see the following article:
How to Enable or Disable Software Rendering in Internet Explorer 9
 Source for your reference
Here nickg5 try this first  it will test your flash version, mine is 11.01
What Is My Flash Player Version?
nickg5Author Commented:

Ah Ha............
people on other threads implied the ads thing was imaginary, or an integral part of using the internet, just deal with it. I wish I could post a video of what my screen does, then people could see for themselves how annoying it is, on every page.

I have Flash version: (IE)

I do not have AVG, I abandoned it a few months ago, and I am using MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials).

tools > internet options > security > internet > custom > active scripting is enabled.

From my other thread, I had to go to filehippo dot com, to get MSE and Windows and Bill Gates to allow the download of Acrobat. Abobe and CNET downloads always failed. Someone else had recommended filehippo.

check out this thread and the link to the solution.

That did not work for me, until I turned off my UAC.
nickg5Author Commented:
Take a look at IE9 Advanced Options and try Software Rendering. See below. Requires an IE restart.

............that appears to be the answer (or one answer)
I went to Hotmail, Yahoo Finance, and Hot Coupon World, and reloaded the pages several times, and also moved around on each page a few times.
The ads are a little slower to get where they are going, but they are not currently blinking on the left side.

I held down my Alt key with a wedge and used F5 to reload. Since the worst case of this problem was on Hotmail, I stayed there. I'd reload with F5 and be ready to press the print screen key. I tried maybe 30 times. I never could get a screen shot of the ad on the left. I got many shots where the ad on the right was only a partial of what it would turn out to be. Maybe screen shots can not capture a moving object. I supsect I was missing it by a fraction of a second.

It's nice to use these sites and no blinking ads.
From another thread, I did remove my IE and got a new copy, earlier in the week. It is possible that rendering was checked on the old IE, and not on the new IE.

By the way, what does that software rendering do, or not do, depending on whether it is chosen or not.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
>>> what does that software rendering do, or not do  <--- IE9 is able to take advantage of video hardware features to make it faster. The issue is: it does not always work. Software rendering assures a higher degree of reliability. .... Thinkpads_User
nickg5Author Commented:
The only difference I see, beyond the ads not blinking, is they take a little longer to get where they are going on the right side. Otherwise the rest of the web page seems normal.
Yeah with regards to software renderring put a tick in there to use it instead of GPU, now you understand why I reference your vidoe card
Funny I have had a recent spate of offering up that solution to users have slow browsing and or problems viewing web pages,

did you do that nickg5?
Refer to thinkpads_user's image or use mine in this link
both are the same.
I have also posted this reference that explains what GPU is
A Closer Look at Internet Explorer 9 Hardware Acceleration Through Flying Images
how enable and siable software renderring.
Remember thinkpdas offered it first and I have only followed up on it
nickg5Author Commented:
yes, thinkpad suggested software rendering in comment 37048325, above, back on 10/28/11 05:38 PM.

It takes years to even find out these settings are there, and even exist.

So, Firefox has all these types of problems and issues fixed and their browser has all of it wrapped into one nice good working bundle, and Microsoft with $45 Billion in the bank, does not know how?

These various settings are not in Firefox are they?

From another thread of mine, I think, or maybe above, I will remove my Java 6 update 29 and get the new Java 7.
Maybe I should keep what I have since it seems all problems are solved (could not download Flash, Flash had to be removed to stop blinking ads, etc.)
nickg5Author Commented:
I'll let software rendering be the fix here, and close this question.
There has been alot of information given above, that can be good future reference.
I always give participation points unless there is some "lounge" type comment made.
None of that here.
nickg5Author Commented:
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you. I was very happy to help you and to participate in this. .... Thinkpads_User

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