password recovery to recover existing password

By default it return a new password. How can I return the existing one? Also does the system have an object that when given a username/password validate it?
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khairilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are so many ways you can do it.

I am using custom code to authenticate user with Active Directory.

ASP.Net by itself already have Membership Provider that can handle authentication on your behalf using user information from database or other data provider.

You do not spell out application services that will do authentication.

Depend on how password is store, you might be able to return old password or not. There are 3 way password usually stored; clear, hashed or encrypted. If you set the password as hashed then it is no way to reprensent user with old password.

You might want to read this for clear detail,

This old tutorial, but will give you great idea on how thing works.
glenn_rAuthor Commented:
Makes sense. What about a programatic method where I could pass in a username/password and have the system authenticate it against application services?
glenn_rAuthor Commented:
As AppServs is using its own hash/encryption algorhythm the must expose something wher you could pass in the username and password and have it return true of false. No way to develop something externally as I don't know the hash or the encryption logic.
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