Replace Oblivion CDs

I have a legal copy of Oblivion, (Elder Scrolls)  

My CD is scratched up something awful and I want to play again.

Is there anyway that you knowof to get a replacement CD or repair my existing CD??
Curtis LongAsked:
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The only legal solution for a replacement disk is to buy another box.  You could try emailing Bethesda and see if they will help but that depends entirely on them, they have no obligation to provide one.

The other option I've seen work is to take the disk to a video rental store. Most have industrial quality polishing kits for their DVD's and could try polishing the clear layer for you for a few $$ (again if you ask nicely :))

If the disk is that bad you've nothing much to lose by polishing.
Curtis LongAuthor Commented:
The only file that seems to be bad is the

I can copy all other files to my harddrive.  Kinda weird.  Ill try the polishing.

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