Outlook reminder - Does not pops up on top of all applications

We are using Outlook 2010 with Exchage 2010(At the backend)

Outlook reminder does not pops up on top of all applications

For example: If i have internet exploer open on my desktop and sceen for Outlook is behind internet explore, i don't get outlook reminder box doesn't pop up infront of  internet explorer.

Is there a way to make it happen?

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khairilConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Are you using Windows7? It appears to be an issue with Windows7, not Outlook. By default, Windows7 combines the taskbar buttons. By doing so the Reminder gets embedded into the "grouping" behind the Outlook icon. This makes the reminder difficult to notice.

If you change the "Taskbar buttons" setting under the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" to "Never combine," then the grouping separates and the reminder pops-up to front.

If you do not want to let go Windows7 pretty taskbar then may be you like to try these, http://blogs.kraftkennedy.com/index.php/2010/06/07/getting-outlook-meeting-reminders-in-focus-over-other-applications/ you have to write to author worth@kraftkennedy.com

OR you can try ths beta tools, http://www.moreproductivenow.com/outlook.html
propertyozadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks Khairil
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