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I'd like some direction to create an application which generates a QR code upon data entry in a form. then once an end user scans the QR, it will capture the end user's mobile phone number, add the info to a DB then forward on to the appropriate landing page. Any thoughts or direction?
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SidFishesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The creation of the QR code is pretty simple as noted in my blog post however you're really asking 2 separate things.

There's no way a QR code can capture a phone number. (unless you have them manually enter the phone number in the form that you use to generate the code) The QR code is just a fancy bar code that encodes a string passed to it. Generally used today to send a phone user to a specific site url but there is no 2 way interaction. Any user side data would have to happen on the phone app itself. The app could append data to the url string it parses and then your site could use that to make the db insert but.....

Phone have pretty strict security on leaking phone numbers and I'm not even sure you could write a mobile app which would capture the phone #. I guess you could write an app that asks the user to enter their # but I'm not sure how many would (probably a depressingly large number)

I think my post (and my blog post that was linked to :) answers the q pretty well.
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snobrdrtAuthor Commented:
I agree. Please award the points. My apologies for not getting back in here. Been really busy. Best regards!
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