Map network drives at user logon Small Business Server 2011

Would someone please tell me step by step (click start, type gpedit....etc) so I can set up three shares to automatically map on all domain users?  The goal is to map network drive B (Bookkeeping) S (Company Shared) and P (Peachtree) each time a user or new user logs on.
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pritamduttConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi You can use Group Policy Preferences to MAP Network Drives.

To create a Group Policy with a Drive Map Preference:

- Open the Group Policy Management Console and expand the Forest and Domain nodes
- Expand the Computer Configuration\Preferences\Windows Settings node
- Select Drive Maps then New>Mapped Drive, and a New Drive Properties window will open
- In the window’s General tab, select Create from the drop down menu next to the Action label
- In the Location text box, type the UNC path to the network share location using the \\Servername\Sharename format. You can specify a drive letter or allow Windows to use the next available letter and input alternate user accounts credentials to connect the drive
- Now that the basic drive map is complete, select the “Common” tab, and check the box for Item-Level targeting
- Click on the Targeting button, and a new Targeting Editor window will appear
- In the “New Item" drop down list, select User or Group, and a text box will appear, lets assume you chose User
- Enter the user’s name for the drive mapping. The * wildcard character can be used to specify multiple users
- Link the Group Policy to the user accounts location in Active Directory, and the drive will be mapped at the next logon. You can map multiple drives to multiple users in a single GPO, and that GPO can be applied to other Preferences such as Network Printers.

Further, a detailed step by step guide is available @

Hope this helps!

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