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Microsoft Access Grammar example .mdb

I have a continuous form that has a memo field.  On double click of this field, another form opens and the memo fields text from the first form transfers to a memo field on the second form.  

My users currently have the option to spell check and modify the second form's field text and then close that form, transferring the updated text back to the orginal control.  The second form also allows them to have a larger area to edit from.

I want to be able to grammar check the field as well.  I know how to use the embedded OLE word doc object to grammar check text that I type in it.

Ideally, I would like to be able to do the grammar check without it looking like word was being used at all.  I can see how this could be done, but I am a cut and paste programmer (I use the term Programmer very loosely here) and I know it will take me forever to get it working properly.  

I've seen several coding examples of how to potentially accomplish this, but never a working product.  

Does anyone have a working example .mdb to check grammar in access in this fashion?  It's just so much easier to be able to troubleshoot how I'm coding if I can see how it actually works in other's examples.

BTW, my office is currently using Access 2003.  They spoil us ( :

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1 Solution
Have a look at this article, with one possible method:

whiteshuaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply, but that is what I meant by,

 "I know how to use the embedded OLE word doc object to grammar check text that I type in it."

What I'm trying to do though, is to use that embedded word doc as the place where the original memo field control's text is transferred to, do all the checks there, then transfer that updated text back to the original control, and clearing out the text in the word doc(at least on reopen of the pop up form, if not on close), so I'm not using more than one embedded word object in the database to do grammar checking.  

I think my problem has more to do with not being able to figure out how to transfer the text between the memo field and the word object, then back again.  I've tried to use Robdogg888's example that he made I think for VB6 in another forum, but it has yet to work properly for me.  

Unfortunately, I won't be able to post the code I have for this currently until later, if a solution hasn't been posted by then.

However it ends up, when I get a streamlined working example, I'm going to post it.  I've searched everywhere for a good example, and somehow this is one of those things that several people have had a hard time getting to work, but no one posts working example .mdbs.

Thank you again for your response ( :

Jeffrey CoachmanCommented:
Access is a database.
Grammar check is a word processing function.

If it were me, I would either grammar check the text in Word, then transfer it to Access, or not worry about it at all.

This is the reason why it has always been debated as whether or not a database should even be concerned about Word processing issues like spell check or Grammar.

As you know, there are "Dozens" of grammar setting and styles.
Which one will you uses?
What is right?, what is wrong?

Again, the database stores and manages the data.

Doing things like swapping the data back and forth  to grammar check text, just seems like something that is not worth the hassle.
This is the reason why Grammar check is not directly available in MS Access
There is no Grammar check in MS SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL either...

IMHO, if Grammar check is a MUST, then leave the data in Word, and use OLE to link, display, and edit the data.

Again, just my 2c.


whiteshuaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help everyone.  

I figured out how to do it in a slightly different, mixed and matched sort of way.

I've attached an Access 2003 .mdb as an example and to hopefully get everyone's thoughts on how i could get it to function better or properly.  As I said in my original post, I'm a cut and paste VBA programmer, that is, I make things work, but I am far from a professional.  Please feel free to rip my approach apart, I welcome the learning ( :

Thanks again
whiteshuaAuthor Commented:
I provided the solution for my own question, however, I was also looking for the experts to point out the flaws in my design as I know there are some that need fixing, which unfortunately didn't happen.

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