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I am looking for a proofreading software, I only found WhiteSmoke and PerfectIt, anyway knows some better software and can check all style and consistency? Thank you!
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Paul SauvéConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Obviously, it would be easier to recommend software if you mentioned what word processing software you use. Nevertheless, here are 2 more choices:

With Writer's Workbench you can check your documents looking at each sentence as a whole in terms of spelling errors, clarity, grammatical mistakes and misused words. The software also checks for overall organization and style. It's a useful program for refining business and professional writing in the comfort of your home and/or office.
From the same source:
Grammar Expert Plus contains hundreds of grammar examples showing correct ways to write, plus pitfalls to avoid. It also includes chapters on sentence structuring, parts of speech, the mechanics of writing, punctuation, effective writing, and a guide to frequently confused words explaining the meanings of over 160 words even professional writers have trouble keeping straight. Grammar Expert Plus analyzes individual words of a sentence, whereas more advanced programs like WhiteSmoke look at the whole meaning or content of the sentence.
mawinghoAuthor Commented:
I am using MS Word.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
The 2 I mentioned above both work with Word. I would recommend Writer's Workbench over Grammar Expert Plus.
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