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Hi All,
         As a part of a DR plan i need to offer the business a solution for failover. They are currently running a Server 2008 domain, Exchange 2010 std and Terminal Services (2008). I have placed a few VMware options on the table as they are already virtualised but i would like to add a windows based replication to the pot but would like to confrim a few items.

Server 2008 (i am happy that a VPN and hosted DC would replicate AD)
Exchange 2010, for this to work in any redundant way would they need to look at upgrading from Std to Enterprise and what options would work over a VPN to a cloud solition (i am happy to put in a caluse for 100mb lease line if required)
DFS, this has been around for a while and just wanted a view on the replication, i also know i could offer somthing along the lines of branch cache.

Thoughts please.....

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ChrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:

there is the Microsoft page for all the features and guidelines
DFS 2008R2 would be good you can control the replication and bandwidth

Exchange you could use a DAG to replicate the data - 2nd Mailbox Server which will keep a passive copy of the mailbox stores. If you have a VPN with a DC over the other side this would be a good solution - this would go over ethernet so no need for storage replication

But entirely depends on how much data you have 100MB leased line would be bare minimum to replicate the data.

If you put a really big pipe in the storage replication and VM SRM would be a all in one solution but thats a big price tag
ncomperAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the update,

I have the informaiton on the DAG i might be blind but have not spotted the version they would need. They are using Sandard at the moment, would they need to increase this to Enterprise to allow all the feature to work?

They don;t need Exchange Enterprise but they need Server Enterprise

ncomperAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that, i knew there would be somthign there...
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