Can my sonicwall NSA send an alert when VPN drops?

hi chaps,

Is there a way of having our sonicwall send an alert to us whenever there is a VPN drop in the tunnel?

Many thanks
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Your firmware is a little old. I'd recommend updating to at least the latest release which is 5.6. If you have maintenance, then you'll have access to it. If it's not available still, then you'll have to go to the latest Early Release which is 5.8.

Did you look to see if you had Network Monitor after I suggested it?
what version of sonicwall do you have? what is the firmware version? i'm not sure when the network monitor was released, but with it you can monitor an ip over the vpn. setting up specific criteria, you can send alerts via email when they are met. in your case, when the sonicwall is no longer able to ping an ip address.

you can get to it via network the networm monitor.
YashyAuthor Commented:
It's a Sonicwall NSA 3500. The firmware version is version
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