VMware Server Remote Console - Cannot connect to host - Blank port


Had VMware Server 2.latest running fine on CentOS 5.recent for well over a year. We then increased RAM on this server and things went wrong, had to rerun the installer/config script. It then all worked again, could start up VMs again and they all work fine.

But the console is buggered. Logs don't give me anything useful but I think there's a strong hint in the error I get when trying to launch the console:

VMware Remote Console
Unable to connect to the MKS: Cannot connect to host A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

Note that 123 isn't my true IP. The curious part is that it shows the colon, but no port number provided.

Hunting down /etc/vmware/hostd/proxy.xml shows no empty port tags. config.xml matches up with my known to be working backups too.

Of course, a ping from my Windows 7 client machine to fails. Without the colon, it works. Add 8222 or 8333 and ping doesn't work.

The port numbers didn't change at any point, so I can't see how it's a firewall issue. So clucthing at straws, does anyone have any ideas where the missing port number should be?

One attempt at launching the console for a particular VM (which I know is running) yields this in the hostd.log

[2011-10-28 09:56:58.368 'PropertyProvider' 1106782528 verbose] RecordOp ASSIGN: info, haTask--vim.ServiceInstance.currentTime-17
[2011-10-28 09:58:17.521 'Proxysvc Req00118' 1106782528 warning] Exception while processing request: Connection reset by peer
[2011-10-28 09:58:17.521 'SoapAdapter' 1106782528 error] An error occurred reading the SOAP request: The HTTP client closed the stream prematurely.
[2011-10-28 09:58:17.522 'Proxysvc Req00119' 1080514880 warning] Exception while processing request: Connection reset by peer
[2011-10-28 09:58:17.522 'SoapAdapter' 1079720256 error] An error occurred reading the SOAP request: The HTTP client closed the stream prematurely.
[2011-10-28 09:58:19.035 'PropertyProvider' 47751372445984 verbose] RecordOp ASSIGN: info, haTask--vim.SessionManager.acquireCloneTicket-18
[2011-10-28 09:58:19.063 'vm:/home/vmware/vms/thevm/vminquestion/the-vm.vmx' 1099958592 info] Ticket issued for mks connections to user: user123
[2011-10-28 09:58:19.063 'PropertyProvider' 1099958592 verbose] RecordOp ASSIGN: info, haTask-80-vim.VirtualMachine.acquireMksTicket-19
[2011-10-28 09:58:20.393 'ha-eventmgr' 1080514880 info] Event 6 : User user123@ logged in
[2011-10-28 09:58:20.393 'PropertyProvider' 1080514880 verbose] RecordOp ASSIGN: latestEvent, ha-eventmgr
[2011-10-28 09:58:20.394 'PropertyProvider' 1080514880 verbose] RecordOp ADD: sessionList["52ae713c-1fd8-eda1-d842-ee5331b7d4fe"], ha-sessionmgr
[2011-10-28 09:58:22.919 'vm:/home/vmware/vms/thevm/vminquestion/the-vm.vmx' 47751372445984 info] Ticket issued for mks connections to user: user123
[2011-10-28 09:58:22.919 'PropertyProvider' 47751372445984 verbose] RecordOp ASSIGN: info, haTask-80-vim.VirtualMachine.acquireMksTicket-20

"/var/log/vmware/hostd.log" 391L, 41202C

It mentions some SOAP connection issues too.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
You can't ping ports. But you can telnet to them - you might want to try that. e.g.
telnet 8222

Open in new window

T0PS3OAuthor Commented:
Thanks Duncan.

Using PuTTY as a Windows Telnet client to the IP running VMware and using the 8222 port times out (does nothing, black screen). To 8333 and the PuTTY window disappears immediately with an error sound.

From proxy.xml


I access the web access admin UI on 8333. Once in there, and launching the console, is it supposed to internally communicate over 8222? If not, which port does vmware by default use for the console?
T0PS3OAuthor Commented:
By the way, on my other Linux box I used to use VMware Player as a remote client to this VMware server, bypassing the need for the browser based console. Is there such a tool / alternate method available on Windows?
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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
I do not know the vmware specifics. possibly 8222 is being dropped by a firewall?

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T0PS3OAuthor Commented:
Just in case somebody else gets this...

The issue was that when I re-ran config.pl I had entered the wrong port.

Remote port 902

That should have been it. So I re-ran the config once more, fixed the port and it all works again.

Thanks to duncan, I now know how to check ports being open. It led me to this tool:

T0PS3OAuthor Commented:
Figured out the true issue myself, but duncan led me on the way so some points his way.
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