PayPal Express Checkout ASP.NET VB.NET help

Hi Experts, I am having a few issues with the integration code provided by PayPal. First of all the expresscheckout page is not sending the total amount of the order or the order detail to the PayPal processor. I am not sure what to put in the expresscheckout code or whereever else to send the details. The end product is supposed to be like the Dominos PayPal Checkout process. Another issue is after the confirmation it says Express Checkout PayerID is missing?
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takwirirarConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It seems it was to do with the codec version specified in the API. The code was correct
Kumaraswamy RCommented:

Express Checkout is the most flexible PayPal integration solution. The user is redirected to PayPal just for authentication and confirmation that he wants to pay for your services, and after that, everything is done on your website; you'll make calls to the PayPal API in the background

takwirirarAuthor Commented:
Found the answer myself i.e. the encoder codec version
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