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Windows DNS Server Query

Hi there

We are using Microsoft Windows DNS Server in Windows Server 2008 Web Edition for our public DNS servers.

These hold about 300 domain names.

Each time we create a domain name, we have to create a primary zone on the Primary DNS Server, then a secondary zone on the secondary server.

This works fine, but it's annoying having to go and always create the second zone. Is there a way to make it so that the secondary server just reads a list of zones from the primary server and picks up any new ones?

1 Solution
Are you selecting the zone to be Active Directory integrated?

Also, DNSCMD command line should help speed things up..
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
AD integrated mode is only available when running DNS on a domain controller.
The reason you build it on two servers is incase the primary server falls over then you'll have a second copy already available.
I wouldn't change that.

The DNSCMD recommendation makes a lot of sense.
Build a script/batfile to create the DNS zones on each server, so you just run one command/file.
The command for each server is identical, you'll just need to add the server name in the command line.

The command basically looks contains 3 lines:
[LINE 1]
dnscmd DNSserver1 /zoneadd <<newzone.com>> /primary
[LINE 2]
dnscmd DNSserver1 /ZoneResetSecondaries <<newzone.com>>
- NOTE: this command is specific to your implementation of zone transfers so have a look at the following link for direction: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc782181(WS.10).aspx
[LINE 3]
dnscmd DNSserver2 /zoneadd <<newzone.com>> /secondary <<IP ADDRESS of DNSserver1>>
ph9ltdrobAuthor Commented:
DIdn't quite answer the question. But was still a good answer.
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