Convert PHP string replace function to ASP

Posted on 2011-10-28
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I'm trying to replicate a PHP string replace function in ASP but I'm having problems completing it. I've attached two working PHP functions that seem to do the same thing, and my attempt at an ASP version. Please run the PHP to see what I'm looking for or view the following for more info

function spinner1($text) {
    $txt = preg_split("/{|}/", $text);
    foreach($txt as $key => $t){
            $spin = preg_split("/\|/", $t);
            $txt[$key] = $spin [mt_rand(1,count($spin)-1)];
    $string = implode("", $txt);
    return $string; 

$test = "The {quick|slow|reasonably paced} {brown|green|blue|pink} {fox|goat|rat|camel} {jumped|walked|hopped} {over|past|under} the {lazy|tired|boring} {dog|cat|stoat}";
echo spinner1($test."<br />");

function spinner2($s){
	if(empty($m)) return $s;

	$t = $m[1];

		$t = substr($t, strrpos($t,'{') + 1);

	$parts = explode("|", $t);
	$s = preg_replace("+\{".preg_quote($t)."\}+is", $parts[array_rand($parts)], $s, 1);

	return spinner2($s."<br />");

echo spinner2('{This|Here} is {some|a {little|wee} bit of} {example|sample} text.');



function spin(str)
	Set regEx = New RegExp
	regEx.IgnoreCase = true
	regEx.Global = true
	regEx.Pattern = "\{(.*?)\}"
	Set Matches = regEx.Execute(str)
	Response.write "# Spin tags:" & Matches.Count & "<br />--------------<br />" 
	For Each Match in Matches
		sMatch = replace(Match.Value,"{","")
		sMatch = replace(sMatch,"}","")
		'response.Write("sMatch = " & sMatch & "<br />")
		a = Split(sMatch,"|")
		aTotal = uBound(a) + 1
		response.Write("words to spin: " & aTotal & "<br />")
		i = Int(Rnd * aTotal)+1
		response.Write("random: " & i & "<br />")
		response.write("output: " & a(i-1) & "<br />--------------<br />")
		i = ""
	spin = str
end function

spin "The {quick|slow|reasonably paced} {brown|green|blue|pink} {fox|goat|rat|camel} {jumped|walked|hopped} {over|past|under} the {lazy|tired|boring} {dog|cat|stoat}"

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Question by:benners70
    LVL 74

    Accepted Solution

    Try this:

    Spinner 1
    Function spinner1(text)
            Const placeholder = "%%%##%%%"
            Set regex = New RegExp
            With regex
                    .Pattern = "{|}"
                    .Global = True
                    fixed = .Replace(text, placeholder)
            End With
            txt = Split(fixed, placeholder)
            For key = 0 To UBound(txt)
                    If key Mod 2 <> 0 Then
                            spin = Split(txt(key), "|")
                            idx = Int((UBound(spin) + 1)*Rnd(Timer))
                            txt(key) = spin(idx)
                    End If
            str = ""
            For Each value In txt
                    str = str & value
            spinner1 = str
    End Function

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    Spinner 2
    Function spinner2(s)
            Set regex = New RegExp
            With regex
                    .Pattern = "\{([^}]*)\}"
                    Set m = .Execute(s)
            End With
            If m Is Nothing Then
                    spinner2 = s
                    Exit Function
            ElseIf m.Count = 0 Then
                    spinner2 = s
                    Exit Function        
            End If
            t = m(0).SubMatches(0)
            If InStr(1, t, "{") > 0 Then
                    t = Mid(t, InStr(1, t, "{") + 1)
            End If
            parts = Split(t, "|")
            ' Substitute for preg_quote
            With regex
                    .Pattern = "([-^${}\[\]().?\\*+|])"
                    .Global = True
                    t = .Replace(t, "\$1")
            End With
            With regex
                    .Global = False
                    .Pattern = "\{" & t & "\}"
                    idx = Int((UBound(parts) + 1)*Rnd(Timer))
                    s = .Replace(s, parts(idx))
            End With
            spinner2 = spinner2(s & "<br />")
    End Function

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    Author Comment

    Perfect! Thanks very much.
    LVL 74

    Expert Comment

    by:käµfm³d 👽
    Sure. Glad it worked for you.

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