Windows XP: how to search for shortcuts in all Desktop Profiles (across all users)

I need to update a url shortcut across all Users' Desktops on several Windows XP systems.  How can I search across all Users' profiles, and only in their Desktops, for url shortcuts?  I want to find any outdated shortcuts before I add in an updated shortcut to a new server location.  It appears that the url shortcuts I am wanting to seach for end in .url

I'm open to being able to do this in the native windows search, or by command line (or batch file).
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Open C: Drive
Type in the search field >

After the search is completed switch to Details View(View->Details) or (press ALT +V & select Details)
Now go to View->Details -> SortBy -> More -> Select FOLDER NAME and click ok

Now Click the FolderName(ALT+V -> SortBy -> Folder Name)

Now Check the Folder Name column
Now find the Folder name "Desktop"...
These are the files you may want to update


Try performing a search for .lnk files.  Be sure to search the either the whole hard or c:\documents and settings folder.
sah18Author Commented:
This is exactly what I'm trying to avoid -- searching the whole hard drive.  I want a way to *only* search within the Desktop folders for each user profile.  There can be over a hundred profiles on any of these machines, and I don't want to search across users' documents, etc, when I am not looking in those folders.  This would add a lot of unneeded time to the search.  

Also, the file extension that I am searching for (as mentioned in my original question) is *.url, not *.lnk.
Use this command:

dir "C:\Documents and Settings" /S *.lnk
This searches for it....
If it finds it....Deletes it.
If it Deletes it, it copies another one from the network.....

Put it in a Logon Script, and it catches all users....

if exist "%userprofile%\desktop\File Name.URL" del /Q "%userprofile%\desktop\File Name.URL" && copy /Y "\\server\share\Newlink.URL" "%userprofile%\desktop\"

Course if you don't know the file name, makes it a bit harder....
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