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Backup to Disk to Tape

I've been working on resolving some troubles with Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 but haven't had much success. Our system is configured to backup to disk (Data Domain 630) then duplicate to LTO4 tape. Most jobs work, however I have the same couple of jobs that continue to fail on the duplicate job. We are 100% on our B2D process, but the duplicate jobs are a different story.

One server in particular backup job started at 7:14 PM and finished at 10:04 PM (~3 hours). Total size was 181 GB at a rate of 2.2 GB/min. This duplicate job started at 1:57 AM (following the backup) and failed at 2:02 AM (~5min). Before failing it backed up 4 GB at a rate of 1.8 GB/min. All jobs are created off a policy and I've located an article that tells me Symantec doesn't have a clue and there is no ETA on a resolution. I'm posting here to see if anyone has had success?

A query for media on which the data set being read is continued was unsuccessful. Ensure that all media in the family have been inventoried and cataloged.
Final error category: Backup Media Errors

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pitchfordAuthor Commented:
I've taken all of my backup jobs and the duplicate jobs and put them in a spreadsheet to compare. I'm thinking something is wrong with Symantec's policy rules. One server that failed had a backup to disk size of 2.1 GB but it duplicated to tape 207 GB! Error code was E0000602.

I thought that was my problem, but I looked at another job that backed up to disk 2.9 GB but duplicated to tape 3.0 GB; this was a successful duplicate.

Another job (my Exchange 2k3) backed up 3.9 GB and duplicated 74 GB; it failed with error code E00084D4
That article is specific to verify jobs. Not to duplication jobs, so this article probably does not apply to you.
Have a look at http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH87512.
A duplication job continues to try duplicating data until it is successfully duplicated. If for example for one or other reason the duplication failed a first time (tape offline, ...) the next time it will try to duplicate that same backup again. By that time, the backup may have already been overwritten based on your "Overwrite protection" settings. That would cause error E0000602. (What is your overwrite setting BTW? If you are backing up to a Datadomain dedupe device you can set a very long overwrite protection period - weeks for example).

Check the article I linked. And look at the 3 images in it. On the first image you would select "Edit Selection List".
If this is the problem, another way to get rid of it is to delete the "Duplication" template from the policy and then add it again. That clears all the selection lists.
I would check:
-All firmware and drivers for tapes and drives involved in the backup are up to date
-Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 got all the latest patches
-That the backup job is VERIFYING its content before ending
-When the used tapes was bought
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pitchfordAuthor Commented:
denbosse, I worked with Symantec on this very thing! It doesn't make sense to me because only the jobs that have failed to duplicate contained any catalogs. The successful backups had nothing listed! I looked at only scheduled jobs; not historical jobs. Something bad happened last night! We had 5 jobs that suddently stopped at 3:05 AM; after investigating our IT asset management system is attempting to scan and does not have access to the device... I believe this caused our backups to fail.

BigSchmuh, we have all the latest patches, and are using the correct tape drivers. There is a firmware update on our backup to disk appliance but nothing that would apply to this. It is on my radar, but not a high priority.

The fact that succesfull backups have nothing listed is normal. As soon the duplicate job finishes duplicating a backup set successfully, that set is removed from the selection list for the duplication job. So when the complete job completes fine, all sets are removed from the selection list and the selection list will be empty.
pitchfordAuthor Commented:
That is exactly what I was thinking! (Obviously I know very little about this stuff) This would also explain why I had a backup to disk job that was only about 2 GB but attempted to write more than 200 GB to tape! The 5 jobs that failed last night have been running for 5 hours now. I will post the results later tonight.
andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
I would suggest giving up on policy created jobs and creating them the old way, never had much joy with policy creatred jobs. Once they fail they keep failing until you delete job using policy and create job using policy again. Then it works until the next time it fails and you have to delete and create again.

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