Dell PowerConnect 6224F 100Base-FX Modules

I have purchased a Dell PowerConnect 6224F and a few Dell 1000Base-SX modules then realized that my nodes on the other end are 100Basse-FX not 1000Base-SX.  I contacted Dell and they tell me that 100Base-FX modules are not supported on the PC6224F but should still work unless there is a problem with the other manufacturers coding.  I see that D-Link, Netgear and other companies produce 100Base-FX modules but will these work only in their products or will these also work in the Dell PC6224F?  Anyone have any experience with this?
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preshomesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Dell PC6224F is not compatible with 100Basse-FX modules...per Dell
SFP module interoperability is unfortunately not 100%

If the other nodes are  computers, then I would look at moving them to 1000B-SX, if they are switches, then I would get one "3rd Party" 100B-SX SFP and test.
I think those Tech Support are right, because base on below tech sheet I found from Dell Support website, it stated those ports are backward compatible.

So, my suggestion is to diagnose and identify where the actual root is (by using a laptop):

1)      Get a laptop (preferable a laptop with 1Gigabit Ethernet LAN port)
2)      Plug-in the other end of network cable, where you connection your 100Base-FX module (to test connectivity response)
3)      Turn on your laptop and right-click My Computer, then click Properties
4)      Go to Device Manager\Network Adapter\
5)      Double-click on your network card name
6)      Click on ‘Advanced’ tab
7)      Change the value to 100Mbps Half Duplex and/or Full Duplex (under Link Speed)

If the result shows - your laptop can connect successfully without any problem, then your 100Based-FX module might not working or not compatible with your Dell unit. Then you may need to apply the same method to test from earlier point. You may also want to get a short known good network cable to test (just in case your original network cable is not working well).
By performing the above steps, you will able to narrow down and get a better picture of what could be the actual fault?

Thank you and good Luck.
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preshomesAuthor Commented:
ArneLovius - Before posting this question I ordered a 3rd-Party SFP Module but thought I would throw this question out there for those that may have had more experience.

my_expert: I know where the actual root of the problem is.  
So far, I don't encounter any problem with switch to switch connectivity. All works perfectly fine as what I expected even with different brand name.
preshomesAuthor Commented:
my_expert: So you are saying that you have a Dell PC6224f with a third party 100-BaseFX module installed and is working?  If so, which third party module do you have in this Delll Switch?
No, i mean - so far I don't haven't experience on such connectivity problem in my office.

Maybe because I always double check with my supplier first before purchase any new equipment.

So, for your case I would suggest you to refer to Dell Tech Support again to ask them recommend you any 3rd party 100-BaseFX module that can work perfectly with their current PowerConnect 6224F.

I am sure either their frontline helpdesk or their marketing (so call brand manager) already have the product line in mind because I found they did selling some other non-Dell brand switches (e.g. 3Com ) all this while.
preshomesAuthor Commented:
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