SharePoint web part not updating after deployed

I have a SharePoint 2007 web part that I have deployed that I use ASP.NET and C# code with.  It is deployed fine and works.  However, when I make changes to the code, and deploy the code to the server again, I do not see any changes.  The process I use to deploy the code is copying the .DLL files to the GAC and then executing the "gacutil /i pathtofile" and it adds all of the DLL files to the GAC and it appears to work fine.  However nothing changes.  I Build the Visual Studio solution and it compiles fine before I move the files to the GAC.  I can't figure out why it won't update
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mgpatil17Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Open GAC
Select the DLL you want.
Right click and  Uninstall the assembly.
Drag and drop the assembly that you want to deploy.
now select assembly right click --> Properties.
Copy and paste the version, key properly in the web.config file.
Reset IIS.

Even though it is not working..
Then go to webpart library
Click new
Check the webparts and respective assembly properties

It should work now
Processes that load GAC'd assemblies need to be restarted to reload the new assembly.  In IIS this is as simple as an iisreset.  However, if you prefer, you can restart just the app-pool related to the sharepoint site with the IIS Admin interface or with the iisapp command.
zintechAuthor Commented:
Every time I deploy the new .DLL files into the GAC I do an IISreset.  I will try the IISapp command.  Any other suggestions my issue might be?
Do you have more than one version of the dll in the GAC?
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