Adding Jquery and PHP database code to a wordpress post

I have some code found at

I would like to start using wordpress and I would like to include the above code in a post.

Essentially the code will contain html, some jquery functionality and some php that take values from a form. The form is posted to a payment gateway.

Is this possible or difficult within wordpress? I  currently using wordpress in the cloud ( as opposed to a copy of it on my server.

Any help much appreciated.

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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
>> Is this possible or difficult within wordpress?

Possible, yes.  Difficult depends on how exactly you want to do it.  One of the great things about going to self-hosted WordPress is you can get a bajillion plugins that incorporate pretty much any functionality without having to do any custom coding.

For the above, I would not do it myself but instead invest in either Gravity Forms or Formidable Pro, both of which provide the functionality and can be combined with PayPal for payments.
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