Windows 2003 SBS won't start web services

Hello Experts,

Thanks for your help.  I've got a Windows 2003 SBS server that is running but users can't connect to Exchange via Outlook or OWA.  I've examined the server and all IIS type services won't start erroring that a dependancy is needed.  When I try to connect to IIS console, it asks for a username and password.  On top of all that, the Security tab in Event Viewer has a red X on it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John LewisAsked:
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Seems like the system may have been compromised.  When an attacker comes in via IIS, it will often break them, requiring a restore - and then once they have access they will revoke your access to the security event log so you cannot see what they are doing.

I mention this only because the symptoms you're reporting match exactly those of an intrusion.

I would start by scanning the machine for viruses and/or spyware, or any network management components that you did not install.  Hackers like to install network management tool kits rather than leave an infection or rootkit behind - because it gives them full remote access, and it is not detected by any anti-virus software, or anti-malware software for that matter.


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John LewisAuthor Commented:
Hi Joel, thanks for the help.  No hacking as the firewall didn't report anything strange.  In this case, upon further investigation, we determined that the OS RAID was failing and causing file corruption all over the place.  We have since replaced the server.  Thanks again for your help.
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