Outlook anywhere does not permanently delete Blackberry items

Hi There,

i have a user who works from home and connects with Outlook 2010 to Exchange 2010 by means of Outlook Anywhere. He is also very particular about his mailbox and permanently deletes items as soon as they are of no use.

I have enabled the feature on BES 5.0 that allows for Permanently deleted items to be synced from the device wirelessly.
the problem is that Outlook anywhere seems to void that rule, i am not sure what it is that is different about it but if he uses OWA and SHIFT+DELETES an item from the mailbox it works, if he uses outlook the item remains on the device.

any advice would be much appreciated!!

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Outlook cache mode probably.
You need to leave emails in the deleted items folder for them to be properly deleted on your handheld. If the items are completely deleted prior to the next wireless update the software does not reconcile the changes.

If you are running with caching mode turned on, messages deleted in Outlook will not be deleted from the handheld. However if caching mode is turned off, then messages sent to the "Deleted Items" folder will be deleted from the handheld if they are there at the next reconciliation.

Please check the below link for reference:

catomaxAuthor Commented:
I may not have been clear in my original post, this is pasted from the 2nd paragraph of your link:

"Note: The Hard Deletes Reconciliation feature in BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 4.1 can be turned on so that email messages permanently deleted in Microsoft Outlook are removed from the message list on the BlackBerry smartphone. This feature is disabled by default. For more information, see KB04853."

This feature is the one i have enabled, my question is:

Why does this not work when using Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP)?

catomaxAuthor Commented:
I am pretty sure i have disabled the Outlook Cached function but i will double check and see what happens
catomaxAuthor Commented:
This was resolved by myself, but have some points anyway! :)
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