Internal Domain Name Question

I am rebuilding an internal domain and moving to Windows Server 2008.  This will be a single domain in one forest.  The firm's web site is hosted externally by a third party.  

When creating a name for the internal domain, can I safely use ?  Or should I be using firm.internal to keep things separate?

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Matt VCommented:
Normally you would use firm.local.  This has been the standard for AD internal use domains.
Chris MillardCommented:
Normally you would use firm.local and this is the best practice.
TacomaVAAuthor Commented:
My concern with .local is that I have several MacBook Pros that will be added to the network.  Will the .local domain cause issues with Mac OSX or has that been resolved?
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
It's supposed to have been resolved. I have a bunch of macs and they all use .local out if the box. So if you don't mind that, it's fine.
I personally use .LAN so I know those are the ones I made.
TacomaVAAuthor Commented:
Sounds like .local is the way I'll go.  Last question, any comment on including a . (period) at the end of the local domain name?  
The period will be implicitly included for DNS
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