Cut and paste audio file by visualizing sound track in Ubuntu

Hello Experts.

I would like to extract a piece from long audio file, by searching a soundtrack visually.
In most places file is silent, so noise spots should be seen on some sort of
track picture.

I am working in Ubuntu, 10.04 with audio files like *.ogg

I tried Avidimax, but it does not display a track.
I tried Audasios, but it does not display a track and cannot find cut/past feature there.
I tried Ardor GTK2, but it fails to load complaining about somting like "jack" cannot start, or
jack cannot connect to a server. (Apparently this program is over kill for a task, do one really
needs a "audio" server for simple task?)

I tried auedit, but failed with following messages and dim recommendations:
naladchik@Acerfrog:~/w$ auedit
Can't connect to audio server


You need to set the AUDIOSERVER environment variable (this is assumimng you
have au running already) to something like localhost:0 or use the -audio
option (e.g. "auedit -audio tcp/localhost:8000 foo.wav")

Why do we need a server, to edit a binary file?

The question: how to accomplish a task?

Thank you.

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Ardor GTK2 needs another software, JACK probaly you don't have installed or is not set up correctly. and it's an audio server as it interacts with a lot of hardware and software.

You can try Audacity
I've triend on the win version ans it's visual and you can cut tracks.
BitlabAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I don't have time to dig into this complex software.
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