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Hello, I need some help with the code below. The value I assign to @SearchDate is not bringing back values with my statement but there is a closedate that matches @searchdate

This is the closedate value in the database:

2010-10-08 08:16:26.983

This is format of the date I'm passing in:

In my Where clause I'm attempting to convert closedate to = @Searchdate but nothing is returned...

What am I doing wrong?
declare @Division  varchar(1) set @Division = ''
declare @Status  varchar(1) set @Status = ''
declare @BAnumber varchar(12) set @BANumber = ''
declare @Ticket char (12) set @Ticket = ''
declare @InvoiceNumber char (12) set @InvoiceNumber = ''
declare @SearchDate char (12) set @SearchDate = '10/08/2011'

Select BANumber, Sub, BAAMT, Division, Facility, Ticket,
ltrim(Substring(createdBy, charindex('\', createdBy) + 1 , 
Len(createdBy) - charindex('\', createdBy) - 0)) as CreatedBy ,
CONVERT(varchar(15), [createdate], 101)as [createdate], [status],
CONVERT(varchar(15), [CloseDate], 101)as [CloseDate], 
ltrim(Substring(closedBy, charindex('\', closedBy) + 1 , 
Len(closedBy) - charindex('\', closedBy) - 0)) as closedBy, InvoiceNumber as InvoiceNumber
from BA

(rtrim(@Status)  is NUll or rtrim([Status])  like rtrim(@Status) + '%')
and (rtrim(@BANumber)  is NUll or rtrim(BANumber)  like rtrim(@BANumber) + '%')
and (rtrim(@Ticket)  is NUll or rtrim(Ticket)  like rtrim(@Ticket) + '%')
and (rtrim(@InvoiceNumber)  = '' or rtrim(InvoiceNumber)  like rtrim(@InvoiceNumber) + '%')
and (rtrim(@Division)  is NUll or rtrim(Division) like rtrim(@Division) + '%')
and (rtrim(@SearchDate)  is NUll or CONVERT(varchar(15), [CloseDate], 101) like rtrim(@SearchDate) + '%')

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Lee SavidgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It isn't retruning anything because the date in the database doesn't match the date your passing in. The dates might be the same but the date AND TIME are not.

You where clause should truncate the time:

and (rtrim(@SearchDate)  is NUll or CONVERT(varchar(10), [CloseDate], 101) like rtrim(@SearchDate) + '%')
Shaun KlineLead Software EngineerCommented:
Your @SearchDate is a char(12), while the format for converting dates using 101 is a char(10).
Hence you are comparing [10/18/2011] with [10/18/2011  %].
gogetsomeAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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