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I wanted to know if Netflow is free and if it's a good alternative for Solarwinds Orion?
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jmeggersConnect With a Mentor Sr. Network and Security EngineerCommented:
Netflow itself is free (there's no license required from Cisco) out what you may wind up paying for is a good collector to gather the information and present it to you in a meaningful way.  I know Arbor makes a good collector, but what you're really paying for is taking that Netflow information and using it, and Arbor uses it as a security tool to identify DDOS attacks, etc.  I've had other customers that use Netflow for network capacity planning.  There are free tools, though. Take a look at

lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The netflow collector module for solarwinds Orion is an extra cost add-on, but netflow export is part of the ASA and all IOS routers at no cost.
As noted above, there are alternative flow collectors, some free, some you have to pay for. i rather like the output of free NTOP running in flow collector mode.
You can also download Scrutinizer which is free and it can monitor unlimited hosts. Just removes the data every 30hours back.
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