ICMP Destination Unreachable, Code:3 SBS 2008

I have a SBS2008 Server (DC), and a Standard Windows Server 2008 (BDC) on my network with a SonicWall TZ210 acting as the gateway to the outside internet.  Both DC's are on the same subnet.

I am having problems getting my SBS2008 (Dell PowerEdge T610) to answer DNS requests OUTSIDE our network.  The server cannot access anything on the internet UNLESS I put my Backup DC in the NIC's alternate DNS field for the server.  If I allow my BDC to act as a secondary DNS on my PDC, I can send/receive email, etc and browse the internet on the PDC.  When I remove it, I cannot access the internet on my PDC (SBS).

Interesting note...when I remove the Backup DNS on my PDC, I *can* search google, but when I try to click a search result (a site not in the cache), the connection fails.

On the sonicwall, I went to the log and set my destination IP to the same as my SBS.  From the SBS, I tried to ping google.com.  I get several logs in the Sonicwall - "ICMP Destination Unreachable, Code:3".

Try the same thing on my BDC, it answers fine, don't get any errors logged in the sonicwall.

I have run the Internet Connection Wizard...it's telling me that it can't get outside my router/firewall.  One of the last steps in the wizard is to "test", and it returns that it can't connect to the internet (although I can at that time by going to a web browser).

The ethernet adapter on the Dell SBS is a Broadcom BCM5709C NetXtreme II GigE (NDIS VBD Client).   I can nslookup successfully any computer internally on the same subnet as the SBS, but nothing outside.

It appears that this is a problem on my BDC, but I can't figure out how to fix it.

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chrisrbloomConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem ended up being a NAT rule on the firewall.  

I have a Sonicwall TZ210 and I needed to add the DNS service to a NAT rule.
Sounds like dns is not correct on the sbs or is not installed
chrisrbloomAuthor Commented:
DNS is definitely installed on the SBS...however when I do a recursive query it fails.  A simple query passes.  This SBS has been in service for about 8 months without many problems...this just started this week.
chrisrbloomAuthor Commented:
The solution was in an entirely different area than I was looking.  It had nothing to do with SBS, rather the firewall was the block.  It was NOT a problem with my DNS.
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