Windows 7 hangs on Welcome screen

after logging into an account the welcome screen with the little spinning thing just sits there forever. I can boot into safe mode ok and I can boot into another users account in normal mode ok. I tried changing video cards as another post here mentioned and I tried selectively disabling services but didn't hit on anything successful.
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Boot the computer in safe mode and do clean boot...after  clean boot boot the computer in normal mode.

Clean boot process

Start-type - msconfig- click on startup tab- click disable all...then click services tab- put a check on hide all microsoft services ...and then click disable ok and then restart the computer in normal mode.

If everything works fine in clean boot then enable five startup items and services at a time to find the faulty software.

Also make sure you have installed updated graphics drivers from manufacturer website.

Kris MontgomeryCommented:
The above will work, however, it may be as simple as logging into the account that works and:

(1) Start >> type cmd >> right click on CMD and click Run as Administrator.   Type sfc /scannow  and then allow the process to run
(2) At the command prompt type: chkdsk /r
Restart and allow the CheckDisk to run and finish.

Are you on a domain?... If so, try unplugging the network cable while logging in.  It may just be a connection issue.

Good luck!
Since it is isolated to a Single User, I would consider renaming the local copy of the profile, and retrying (renaming it to User-OLD AFTER a reboot (else it is locked by the OS, preventing a rename).

If it isn't a Startup item as described above, might very well be a corrupted profile.....

Or maybe some bad policies even, if it still continues after a rename/rebuild.....
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briandmillerAuthor Commented:
The pc is part of a domain and the user account at issue is a domain account. I am now logged in as a local user. I haven't tried other domain accounts.
briandmillerAuthor Commented:
I am trying the suggestion but I did just finished converting the drive to a virtual machine and I can boot into the account fine on the virtual version if that helps to troubleshoot the situation.
briandmillerAuthor Commented:
I haven't tried the clean boot yet but I have tried the rest of the suggestions so far.
running sfc /scannow   & chkdsk didn't help
renaming my profile allowed me to log in but I only got a temporary profile since I am on a domain.
I can log on ok with other accounts both domain accounts and local machine.

Any othe
Kris MontgomeryCommented:
Have you tried a good old fashion System Restore to before this started occurring?

Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
If you can logon with another user without any problems then its not your system but that user. Do you use roaming profiles? To me it sounds like a corrupt profile. I would start by renaming or deleting the profile completely as well as the local system profile (local directories and files associated with this particular user's profile). That would mean logging on as another user to do so. Once you have done so you MUST reboot your system.  Now logon as this user and re-create the user's profile, including the default printer. Once that is done reboot the system and logon again and see if the setting are set. If you notice that you cannot logon as this user and keep getting a temp profile I suggest you 1) check permissions and if those are OK and not the issue then 2) rejoin this PC to the domain.

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briandmillerAuthor Commented:
Yes. Triied system restore initially.

Yes I am using roaming profile. I am copying my profile to an external drive and deleting from this machin since renaming it only gave me the temp profile. Then I will reboot and see what happens and rejoin pc to domain if need be. If any of you have additional tips on recreating profile please let me know.

Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
If you are only getting a temp profile you need to rejoin to domain first before creating the new profile.
briandmillerAuthor Commented:
I was able to create a new profile for myself by deleting the profile sid keys in the registry and rebooting. I did not rejoin the domain before that. I am able to log in with my account. Great for getting back into Outlook but I do miss everything that went with my profile.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
You can copy most of the settings from your old profile--you said you had it saved somewhere. What do you want to carry over?
briandmillerAuthor Commented:
I am able to copy individual app profiles as I need them. I am leary of copying all of them figuring I would get whatever was causing the problem.
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