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recording DVD

When recording DVD, I see there are 3 options in the market... I understand the first one.. are the other two almost similar or totally different technology?

DVD Recordable 8x Max Dual Layer
DVD Recordable SATA
Blu-ray Ultrabay Slim (Serial ATA)
2 Solutions
The SATA refers to the type of connection of the DVD writer to the motherboard. Blu-ray is a tottaly different thing.
DVD Recordable 8x Max Dual Layer
Dual layer 8.5 GB size, could be ATA or SATA, the selection depends on your computer and avaible connections. I t also could be external and USB
DVD Recordable SATA
If no size is stated it could be a 4.3 GB single layer burner or it may be dual layer and 8.5 GB capacity.
Blu-ray Ultrabay Slim (Serial ATA)
It's a blu-ray unit, doesn't staes if it has DVD recording posibilities.
A more datailed answer.
DVD's exists in two flavors single layer 4.3 GB or dual layer 8.5 GB and with three different intrefaces ATA, SAT & USB, ATA is the old standar for Hard disk and optical drives, SATA or Serial ATA is the newer technology. USB is used for external units.
Regarding burning speeds it depends on the actual model and may be related to the interface ATA, SATA or USB, and the media used.
Then we got the blu-ray units, I've found three types, reader, you can`t burn in them. Blue-ray reader DVD burner and Blu-ray&DVD burner.
Also there's what is called ligthscribe units, on this units using special DVD's you can "print" the label directly to the disk.
If any doubts arise don't hesitate and post them
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very helpful

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