pricing of laptop specs

i need a configuration of :
i7;TB of HDD(or at least more than 500GB);8GB RAM;Win7 64;15" screen;refurbished is ok
in a laptop..

price is the important factor in this..

the following is the cheapest i have found $690

could you say from your experience if this price can be bettered by other options or brands
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Might also try
They have a wide range of laptops (cheap) along with customer reviews (good and bad).
25112Author Commented:
i see a new one for $699 Lenovo IdeaPad Z570
25112Author Commented:
does  newegg generally guarantee  the lowest price?
I don't know about "gurantee". I can tell you that I have ordered both personally and from a business standpoint from them for years. I have had zero problems with them on any issue. (Returns, shipping, etc.) And when I do order (and sometimes these are huge orders) I have a hard time finding any known and reliable company that offers better prices.
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