FSMO Roles on Virtual Servers

Has anyone ran into issues with having a virtual domain controller with FSMO roles on it? I've heard Microsoft does not recomend putting the FSMO roles on a virtual server but was hoping that might have changed with Windows 2008 & Hyper-V.....I have a monster VM host with hardware available & I'd like to to replace one of the DCs that hold 2 of the FSMO roles as a VM. Any suggestion or input would be greatly appreciated.
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Mike KlineCommented:
No issues at all, in fact in one organization we have gone to all virtual DCs.  

Virtualization is fully supported


Some things you don't do

1.  Sync time with the host...let the windows time hierarchy work.  
2.  Take snapshots and use them http://blogs.technet.com/b/askds/archive/2009/06/05/dc-s-and-vm-s-avoiding-the-do-over.aspx

I wouldn't run every DC in the domain on the same SAN if all your storage is in one place.

I'd ask the vendor what issues he is talking about specifically.

...by the way the virtualization of DCs is going to become even more common place with Windows 8.  Mark has a preview here   http://www.minasi.com/newsletters/nws1109.htm


wantabe2Author Commented:
So have the FSMO roles on a virtualized DC does not cause any alarm?
Mike KlineCommented:
no issues that I know of
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