Specified cast is not valid?

This is my statement:  
if ((byte)data["TranC"] == 'A')

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The field is defined as "char" in a Firebird table. How should I cast this?
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p_davisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a char is actually an int if you wanted to tho' you could data["TranC"].ToString() == "A";
rmmarshAuthor Commented:
I did it without the cast, and I did it with the "int" cast... either way, I get the error "Specified cast is not valid".

And then I did this:  if (int.Parse(data["TranC"].ToString()) == 'A')

and the CLR tells me the input string was not in the correct format!

Any other suggestions?
did you try the

data["TranC"].ToString() == "A";//?
rmmarshAuthor Commented:
I'm going to give you the points because you were very close... this is what I wound up doing:

 shipping = uint.Parse(data["Shipping"].ToString());

And it appears to be working... thank you for the time...
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