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Access report and grouping question

Is it possible in Access to have a report that can display data in this style format:

NY     Buffalo       Sabers
          New York  Rangers
PA    Pittsburgh    Penguins
         Philadelphia Flyers
NC    Raliegh         Hurricanes
CA    San Jose      Sharks
         Anaheim       Ducks
         Los Angeles Kings

With the blank spaces meaning repeating state or city values

I've tried the group and sorting features for the various columns but I haven't been able to get the format as you just saw.  Any ideas?
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Assuming you are starting with a query or a table that has columns State, City, and Team, then use your report wizard to create a report based on that query/table, and in the grouping options group first on State, and then on City, leaving Team in the Detail section.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Also these "Layouts" vary slightly depending on the version of Access.

So if you state the version you are using, we can tell you what option to select.
shuittnyAuthor Commented:
True that kinda works except that process will look like this

           New York          

and State, City and Team wouldn't be on the same line like this

NY Buffalo         Sabers
      New York    Rangers
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shuittnyAuthor Commented:
@boag2000: Access 2003
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

I only have 2007 and 2010 installed here at work...

I'll check at home tonight if Patrick does not post back
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
The closest output to what you are asking for can be obtained by selecting the "Block" layout.
Unfortunately you have to make the Borderstyle of all of the controls in the detail section: "Transparent"

Outline1 and Outline two are similar, but the Grouping field will be in the Heading, ...not aligned on the same row as the other fields as you sample demonstrates.
The good thing here is that it looks "Similar" to what you are asking for, and no design view modifications are needed.

To get the *exact* output you are requesting you would:
Use the wizard to create a simple report with all the fields you want, in the order you need them
(State, City, TeamName)
Sort by State, then by City
*Do not* select a grouping Option.
Then select the "Tabular" layout option.
Then open the report in design view and set the "Hide Duplicates" property of the State and City textboxes to: Yes

This will give you the *Exact* output you are requesting, but it requires the most work in design view.

All this being said, I would do as matthewspatrick suggested and select Outline2 as the layout.
So here I am merely providing some supporting notes to matthewspatrick's original post, ...so if you find this info useful, you should accept his post.


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